Photography History


My interest in photography started at a young age, around the time I was 10, while on a road trip to Southern Utah with my family. I had always been fascinated with photography, insisting on being the one to take pictures on our family trips. I started taking pictures with a cheap Kodak 110 camera, which served its purpose for a year or two, until I used the money saved from my paper route to purchase a 35mm camera. My 35mm camera stayed with me throughout high school when I took my first of many photography courses. My love for photography and learning continued as I entered college and stepped into the digital camera era.
Over the years, my passion for photography has continued, and I have evolved from taking pictures on my family vacations to starting a photography business.
I am skilled at photographing a vast variety of subjects, from wedding, engagement, and family photographs to automotive and landscape pictures. I pride myself in providing quality photographs that will capture your special moment in time.
I have had my photographs published in various magazines and my work has been selected to be displayed in the State Fair Fine Arts gallery.
1st Place – Landmarks (2013) – RiverBank Currents
1st Place – Food (2013) – RiverBank Currents
3rd Place – Action/Motion (2013) – Monticello Photo Show
1st Place – Motion (2012) – RiverBank Currents
2nd Place – Creative Techniques (2012) – Monticello Photo Show
3rd Place – Open Category (2012) – Monticello Photo Show
2nd Place – Open Category (2011) – Monticello Photo Show
Top 20 Finalist – Annual Photo Contest (2010) – Popular Hot Rodding Magazine
Photo of the Year (2009) – RiverBank Currents
1st Place – Water (2009) – RiverBank Currents
2nd Place – Animals (2009) – RiverBank Currents
2nd Place – Cutest Kid Contest (2009) – Star Tribune


Photography Equipment

My current stable of gear includes my faithful Minolta, but I also have the following tools at my ready:

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 7D
85 1.2L II Lens
35 1.4L Lens
24-105 f/4 L Lens
70-200 f/4 L IS Lens
100 2.8L IS Macro Lens
24 3.5L II TS-E Lens
16-35 4L IS Lens
580 EX II flash
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Lightroom 5